Otago’s Water Plan is being reviewed by ORC. We are taking a staged approach to the review based on 'mountains-to-sea' catchment areas called Freshwater Management Units (FMUs). In Otago we have set five FMUs: Clutha/Mata-Au, Taieri, North Otago, Dunedin Coastal and Catlins. Due to the large size of the Clutha/Mata-Au FMU, it has been divided in to five sub-areas, called rohe, for a more tailored water management approach in these areas. One of these is the Roxburgh Rohe. 




The Roxburgh Rohe covers just over 1,000 square kilometres and is home to more than 2,000 people. It encompasses the Tevoit River and Lake Onslow, with the Clutha River running right alongside the township of Roxburgh.

As we go through this new FMU process, there may be some rules set for the Roxburgh Rohe that differ from other areas. This will be done in consultation with the local community to ensure that waterway management reflects local values and objectives.

Information and resources

We carry out monthly water quality testing as part of our State of the Environment (SOE) testing. Please note that SOE reports are based on five years of data.

  • Read the SOE report for the Teviot area here

Read more about Clutha Mata-Au water quality at the Land, Air, Water Aotearoa website, including the "Can I swim here?" section which is updated weekly in summer months.

Find rainfall, river flows and levels, and water quality data (where available) at monitoring sites around Otago. Find Otago-wide information here, or click below for sites near you.  

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Consultation - have your say

What do you want for the future of waterways in the Roxburgh/Mid Clutha Rohe?

Under a new requirement introduced in the government’s Essential Freshwater package, ORC’s Regional Policy Statement must include freshwater objectives developed with iwi and the wider community for each freshwater management unit and rohe.

What do you value most about the lakes, rivers, groundwater, streams or wetlands in the Roxburgh/Mid Clutha Rohe?

Is it being able to go fishing or swimming? Or do you rely on freshwater for your crops or farm animals? Maybe you want to see native animals and plants living in the water? What’s your vision for your waterways?

Come along and tell us at:

  • Clyde on 3 November, 5.30-7.00pm, at Clyde Hall, Fruitgrowers Road, Clyde
  • Roxburgh on 17 November, 12.30-2.00pm, Roxburgh Memorial Hall, Scotland St, Roxburgh

Or go online here.

ORC key contacts

Name: Bruce Monaghan
Phone number: 0800 474 082
Email: rural@orc.govt.nz
Role: Rural Liaison and Support Advisor (Central Otago)
Organisation: Otago Regional Council

ORC Pollution Hotline

If you observe pollution to water, air or land anywhere in Otago, please call the Pollution Hotline - it's 24/7.

Phone: 0800 800 033