Total Mobility

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme that provides subsidised travel to help people stay connected within their community.

If you have a disability that prevents you from using public transport, you could be eligible for a 50% subsidy (terms and conditions apply) with approved taxi and rideshare operators to help you travel around parts of Otago.

For detailed information about the subsidy amount, please click here.

In Otago, the scheme is currently available in Dunedin, Oamaru, Queenstown and Wanaka.


Are you eligible?

To work this out, you will need to be assessed by one of our approved Assessment Agencies.

To qualify for assessment, you must:

  • Reside in Otago (either permanently or on a long-term basis).
  • Have a permanent impairment that lasts at least 6 months and prevents you from undertaking any of the following five aspects of a public transport journey unaccompanied and in a safe and dignified manner:
    • Getting to the bus stop
    • Getting on the bus
    • Riding securely
    • Getting off the bus
    • Getting to the final destination point


Half price public transport fares apply to Total Mobility until end June 2023

Journeys will have the additional discount applied on top of the current subsidy. The 50% discount will be applied to the portion of the trip that the Total Mobility card holder would normally pay for. The normal subsidy cap is still in place.

Fare examples of how this might look for you.



From 12 September 2022, mask rules changed and are no longer required on public transport. However the use of masks is still encouraged while travelling.


Total Mobility Card

This is the current Total Mobility Card for Otago.

You will be sent a personalised card once your eligibility has been approved.


Handy Resources

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