The Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (the Waste Plan) assists us in managing Otago's waste issues.

If you want to carry out an activity specifically addressed by the Waste Plan, you must comply with its rules.

Purpose of the plan

Regional plan preparation is optional under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), except for the preparation of regional coast plans. We decided to prepare the Waste Plan to assist us in carrying out our functions under the RMA.

The purpose of the Waste Plan is to provide an integrated approach to waste issues with the aim of reducing the adverse effects associated with Otago's waste stream. To achieve this, the Waste Plan has policies and methods (which include rules) to address the waste issues facing Otago.

Area covered by the plan

The Waste Plan covers the Otago region, excluding the coastal marine area.

Status of the plan

This Council publicly notified the Waste Plan in May 1994. Following the process of submissions, hearings and appeals, Council made the Waste Plan operative on 11 April 1997. 

Status of the current waste plan including proposed changes and amendments

The table below shows the operative date of the Waste Plan and lists changes to the plan since then.

Key Event Date Notified Date Decision Released Date Operative
Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (the Waste Plan)     11 April 1997
6 July 2020

30 November 2021
4 March 2022
30 May 2022

9 July 2022


Why you should read the plan

If you're thinking of carrying out any of the following activities in Otago:

  • disposal of waste
  • discharging hazardous waste
  • disturbing land at contaminated sites
  • operating facilities for the treatment or disposal of hazardous wastes
  • discharging oil or substances containing oil as a dust suppressant on formed roads
  • discharging contaminants from landfills (including farm landfills, clean-fill landfills,
    greenwaste landfills and offal pits)
  • discharging contaminants from composting and silage production.

You should read the rules in the Waste Plan to see:

  • if you can carry it out as a permitted activity,
  • if you require a resource consent to carry it out, or
  • if you cannot carry it out because it's a prohibited activity.

A resource consent is required for any activity the Waste Plan states as being a: controlled activity, discretionary activity, or a non-complying activity.

The Water Plan has rules to control the discharge of contaminants to land or water from activities not covered by the Waste Plan.

Download the Regional Plan: Waste

You can also download the complete document, or the plan is split into chapters for more convenient downloading further below.  All files are PDF.

Regional Plan: Waste (chapters 1-10)


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