Catchment action plan survey

The Toitū Te Hakapupu project team are working with the community to develop a catchment action plan for the Pleasant River catchment.

A catchment action plan provides important direction in working to protect or enhance an area.

It can:

  • outline the community’s focus and purpose for land and water management in the catchment
  • identify common values and goals, so people work together (pool resources and efforts)
  • set out actions and who is responsible for them
  • provide clarity of purpose - this keeps everyone on track and helps you obtain support for actions and funding
  • help clarify roles and expectations
  • help provide a framework for tracking progress


Community workshop

If you couldn’t make it to our community workshop on 24 May 2023, or you have additional thoughts that you’d like to add, please complete the survey below.


Catchment action plan survey

Your connection

Your perspective on the Te Hakapupu/Pleasant catchment

Community monitoring

The Toitū Te Hakapupu/Pleasant River Catchment Restoration Project can support the community to develop its own monitoring and data collection programme. This can involve the collection and analysis of environmental data by community members and can be part of a collaborative project with scientists. It could help fill gaps in knowledge and enable tracking of actions in the catchment to see if they are achieving the desired results.

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