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Our Pest Hub is where you can find information on pests in our pest plan as well as other pests that are a problem in Otago.

Learn why they’re a pest, how to identify them and what you should do about it to protect Otago from the impacts of harmful organisms.

Otago is the second largest region in New Zealand and we have a wide range of ecosystems and biodiversity that come under threat from pest plants and animals.

Our Regional Pest Management Plan sets out the rules and requirements for everyone in Otago to manage specified pests.

This is supported by our Biosecurity Strategy which brings together ORC’s statutory and non-statutory functions; it helps us address things that are not covered in the pest plan’s framework.


Pest of the Month 

Old man’s beard (clematis vitalba)

Old man’s beard (clematis vitalba)

Find out why old man’s beard is the pest of the month

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