Catlins Integrated Catchment Group

The Otago Regional Council has supported the formation of a Catlins Integrated Catchment Group (CICG) to work with iwi and community to develop a Catchment Action Plan (CAP) for the Catlins.

The formation of the CICG represents a commitment to working in partnership with iwi, the community and stakeholders to co-design Catchment Action Plans.


Catlins Estuary

Catlins Estuary


What is a Catchment Action Plan (CAP)?

A CAP is a plan for the management and conservation of an entire catchment or catchments. It is a long-term plan that builds on the work that communities and local government are already doing to protect and manage their place and serves as a focus for new actions and projects.

Although the catchment, or watershed, is used to frame a CAP, it is not focused on just freshwater. A CAP looks at the whole system: biodiversity, water (fresh and salty), land, and the ecosystem services they provide as well as human wellbeing values (including mahika kai, wāhi tupuna and livelihoods).

The CAP can refer to regulatory (or mandatory) rules that may need to be taken to achieve environmental outcomes required by regional plans, but it will not be creating 'rules'.

Successful CAPs are 'owned' by the community, iwi and the ORC. This means they are developed with the community. ORC, key stakeholders, and subject experts will be working with communities and iwi to co-design these detailed catchment action plans for their area.

What’s happening now?

The Catlins Integrated Catchment Group began meeting in October 2023 to co-develop a Catchment Action Plan. We are scheduled to finish this work by October 2024. If you want to know more, please email us at

Terms of Reference

Read the Terms of Reference for the Catlins Integrated Catchment Group


What if I have questions?

We will be delighted to answer questions.

You can email the team at or phone 0800 474 082


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