Clean air is fundamental to the health of our families, and the health of our region.

Otago Regional Council is responsible for monitoring ambient air quality and working with our communities towards meeting the National Environmental Standards for air quality.


State of Otago’s air

We monitor air quality at seven sites across Otago focusing on the pollutant particulate matter.

Pollutant particulate matter or PM10 has natural sources such as dust and sea salt, but it is also emitted during combustion.

The main combustion sources in Otago are from home heating, industry and vehicle exhaust.

PM10 concentrations are highest in winter, due to smoke emitted from chimneys during wood burning for heating.

Our air quality monitoring data helps us report high pollution events, and assess air quality trends over time.


What we can do

Our Air Plan and Air Strategy have been developed to help manage air pollution in Otago, but we all have a part to play in improving our air quality.


Pollution Hotline - reporting of environmental pollution incidents

Phone:  0800 800 033


If you observe an instance of pollution in Otago, use the Pollution Hotline to report observations of pollution to water, air, or land. Your call or email will be dealt with in complete confidence.

You can also report any instance of pollution online as well.

Report incidents as soon as possible after you see them. Early reporting and evidence helps us to take action. If you can, take some photographs and email them with your report.

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