Reapplying for a consent

If you have a resource consent approaching its expiry date and you want to continue the activity, it is worth thinking about reapplying for consent.

Once a resource consent expires, a new application must be made, and a new consent granted for the activity to continue.

A consent cannot be “renewed” or rolled over.

We advise you to apply for a new consent at least six months prior to expiry. This is because there are “continuation rights” which allow you to continue to operate under the existing consent until a new consent is granted or declined and all appeals are determined.


Why do you need to reapply for a consent?

Council needs to reassess the environmental impacts of an activity — as the environment is constantly changing — as well as the plans and rules that apply to the activity.

You’ll need to apply using the correct form for your activity, as well as Form 1.

List of application forms

If you would like a copy of your original application, please email


Where to send your application

Once you have completed the necessary forms, you can lodge the consent by emailing Please include ‘consent application’ in the subject line.

You can also post them or drop them in to one of our ORC offices.


Fees and charges

Your application must be accompanied by the correct fee or deposit.

Please email before lodging your application with any queries or if you are unsure about how much you need to pay.

The deposit amount is determined by two things:

  • The notification status
  • Number of applications

How and when to pay your deposit

More information on fees and charges

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